image                                                           Can’t wait

                                   Waiting for someone to come along
                                     Where my heart and soul belongs
                                  Holding my hand as the day past by
                         Staying up all night and watch the sun to rise

                                            I see me walking the isle
                                         Waiting for me while you cry
                                 Precious moments that we’ll treasure
                                You and me, hand and hand together

                                   Simple things that makes me smile
                          A forehead kiss makes everything worthwhile
                                   Letters that will make my day alright
                          The last person I’ll see before I close my eyes

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Vacay’s OVER!.. School’s up

Yup! Holiday vacations over. So long, party people! Hello! school “again“. This is the new start of non-stop chitchat with friends, homework plus terror profs ( nevertheless I love school ) and especially the ” allowance ” ( don’t worry mama and papa ) no monkey business allowed. Haha! But for sure my friends are also looking forward to this ( allowance ) ” shout out y’all kids buying bottle service with your rent money! ”  hmmm.. not me. Don’t worry when it comes to our studies we’re serious about it. We’re just bunch of kids enjoying life  ( YOLO), discovering things, making mistakes, the important thing is we learn from it.



                       I was just listening to a song then thought of you
                               Created an image and imagined things
                                 Lot’s of what if, maybe and what if not
                         Hoping that someday it’s me your dreaming too

                                       Openned my eyes, back at reality
                                 Hurtful truth of you and me will never be
                              Our world will never collide, different paths
                                   I love you, you love her, see the fact?
                                          I don’t know why I still hope
                                Maybe that’s love, don’t expect for most
                            Never expect for the love you wanted to have
             For sure there’s this one person starring from afar wishing it’s
                                                  him  your dreaming too


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